Zach Townsend

Charlie Sheen

Of course, you won't be surprised to know that one of Zach's most bestest buddies is of course our dear old Charlie Sheen.

Zach invented the concept of "winning" long before concepts were even envisaged. Charlie picked it up from Zach while he was interning at a rehab center, and of course since then, 'winning' has really taken off.

It's a little known secret, but Charlie wasn't always a warlock. Some years before, he started out in life as an actor. But then he hooked up with Chuck Lorre to make the realty TV show "Two and a Half Men" which followed Charlie and his brother's life in Malibu.

Many of the stories about Charlie are of course not true. Tales of 'goddesses" and other excesses were started by Jon Cryer, an evil troll, who Charlie found in a bottle of baby lotion.

Charlie lives quietly at home with his mother, Berta, his two wives Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, his nephew Jake, and of course Alan the troll.

Charlie's wifeOne of Charlie's wives

As a fully paid-up Mormon, Charlie doesn't smoke or drink along with his two wives. He doesn't do narcotics, except of course the widely popular "charlisheen" drug which helps to regulate his flow of tiger blood.

When Sheen became famous, Zach was able to arrange for Charlie's Twitter account which he purchased from Jack Dorsey in exchange for Bree Olsen, one of his wives.

For relaxation, Charlie likes to sit at home and play "World of Warcraft" on his Palm Pilot, with his nephew Angus T. Jones.