Zach Townsend

Chocolate Desserts

The internet is a funny place - honestly.

So we put up a web page for Zach Townsend and then we get deluged with inquiries for chocolate desserts. Not the type of response we were expecting, but then we don't like to shoot a gift horse in the mouth, so we rose to the opportunity.

Zach has now perfected the art of creating luxurious chocolate desserts and chocolate cakes from scratch with the minimum of ingredients. Whether you want something nice for a birthday or other special occasion, or you just like to eat cake - you've come to the right place. All our cakes are USDA and HomeLand Security approved and made from only the purest recycled chocolate. No pesticides, terrorists, nut or cat based organisms are used in the production of Zach's chocolate desserts.

chocolate cakechocolate cake

Not only cakes, but Zach has also creamed the art of creating macarons, truffles, framboise, tarts, tortes, teats, pancakes and pralines, using his own hands. We're not even sure what all those are, but Zach says he does.

Sometimes Zach uses strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and mung beans, but only if he's all out of chocolate.

Zach says he has won many awards, and we don't doubt him. He is the 2011 Cake-Meister of the year. He also says he plans to write a 'Cake Bible' for those of you that would like to indulge your passion further. We can't wait.

Plans for a cake 'Twitter' website have been shelved for the time being. He says he can't be arsed tweeting.

Chocolate cakeChocolate cake

In his spare time, Zach Townsend likes to eat cake. He says only by experiencing the results of his work can he truly grow. To be fair, he does appear to be growing.

As a special service to our cake loving friends, we've SEO'd this webpage using the latest CAKETM techniques. If you click on one of the links to the right, our internet ordering (eCommerce) system will automatically send you one of our chocolate cakes for free - yes for FREE! Click on up to 5 links and we will send you 5 different cakes! This is an exclusive arrangement between us and Google, so please don't tell anyone.

But seriously, if you are looking for chocolate desserts and cakes by Zach Townsend, we recommend you visit here. That Zach appears to be a real dessert chef, an artisan chocolatier, no less. We can't say whether his cakes are any better than our Zach's. Our Zach is perhaps more 'marzipan brigadier' than 'artisan chocolatier', but you get the point.

If you are looking for chocolate deserts, then we think you need to contact Peter Pan or Laurence of Arabia, as we've never even heard of a chocolate desert. Hey wait, maybe the chocolate desert chef at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory can make one. Or you could just learn to spell.

If you are still here, grab yourself a free chocolate cake - see three paragraphs up. 'Click for Cake'® sorta has a nice ring to it!