Zach Townsend


We have had a number of emails from people wishing to join the Zach Townsend Appreciation Society and make a contribution to help keep up the good work.

Initailly Zach was sceptical. He didn't want a big following and he said he doesn't need charity. But if there are people deternined to help, then it would be remiss not to accept their kind gesture. Gestures usually start at $10 but can be as gesturous as you like, and can be made using the paypal button below.

Zach says your gesture will be appreciated, and when he finally gets the Zach Townsend Fan Club officially up and running, those who have made a gesture will be incorporated as 'founding members' with all of the extra benefits that will of course include.

As Confucious said, "He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own."

Of course visiting any of our sponsors on this page is also a great way to 'secure your future'. The 'choice is yours' as the great philosopher, Monica Lewinsky, once said.

Good things come to those who donate...