Zach Townsend

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.

You are welcome to browse our website for free. No charge will be made at this time or anytime in the future unless we deem it necessary.

This is the Internet, in case you hadn't noticed. Nothing is private, whatever we, your credit card company or Google say. Everything you view or type while on a webpage passes through a multitude of other computers. Some of them will be archiving this information. Some may be decrypting it, analyzing it and passing it on to other parties who may have a use for it.

We can (if we can be bothered) monitor your usage of this website using cookies. Cookies are little crumbly things we store on your hard drive. They can tell us lots of things about how you use this website, until they disolve into dust particles. You can delete all the cookies on your hard drive using 'Mr Muscle'.

Any personal information you send us may be seen by us. Yeh, unbelieveable but true. But this is the internet, and many users seem to be unable to understand even the simplest concepts, so we're laying then out so any dumbass can understand them.

When you browse our website, our server keeps a record of your IP address. Using stealth techniques we can use this to obtain your MAC address, which physically identifies your specific computer, even if its not a Mac.

By cross-referencing this with ISP (Internet Special Police) records, Google maps, and Google streetmaps we can identify the exact physical location of your computer. Cross-referencing this with IRS, state, medical and other records allows us to determine the user of the computer, i.e YOU. Creative indexing against school and driving license records provides us with a photo of you. If your window is open when a Google streetcar goes past, we may be able to get a photo of you actually using your computer. Your privacy is important to us.

We may share your information with others whom we deem necessary. This includes but is not limited to partners, affiliates, friends, Oprah Winfrey and America's Got Talent. Should you wish us not to share your information, please unclick the 'Share' button on our Facebook page.

Your privacy is important to us.