Software Developer


I'm a freelance technical consultant & entrepreneur (and a full-stack developer), with a wide technical experience in different technologies, covering websites, applications, mobile, data (and even games).
I've been involved with start-ups and built my own businesses from zero to £1mil+, so heavily focussed on results.
I now help businesses large and small, at various stages, to realise their techical aspirations.
If you've got a project that could do with some technical/business assistance, then feel free to get in touch.

What do I do...

  • Discovery: What are the options? Can we buy, build, re-purpose?
  • Technical Feasibility: How much is it really likely to cost? Is there a better way to do it?
  • Viewpoint: Balance high level business requirements with low level technical features.
  • Avoid costly mistakes: Build the right thing with the right technologies and the right people.
  • Design: High and low level components and architecture.
  • Resourcing: Who do we need? Recruit the team.
  • Build: Implement the tech, set up the Agile methodology, ways of working, processes, manage the scrum.
  • Release: Feedback loop - what can we improve? Adapt/release cycle.
  • Interim CTO - start or scale the team.
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Rapid Delivery from Waitrose

Rapid Delivery from Waitrose

Same-day Delivery eCommerce system with in-store barcode scanning mobile picking app

Home Solutions from John Lewis

Home Solutions from John Lewis CTO

Web & Mobile booking system, payment processing, trade diaries, Twilio voice & SMS

While you're Away from Waitrose

While you're Away from Waitrose

Web Subscription eCommerce site, payment processing

Cook Well from Waitrose

Cook Well from Waitrose CTO

Web Subscription eCommerce site, payment processing

Wine Tasting at Home from Waitrose

Waitrose Wine Tasting as Home CTO

Wine Tasting at Home MVP

WowGive App

WowGive mobile app developer

Mobile app for iOS and Android devices: payment handling/integration, push notifications, social sharing, group messaging - Node.js API on AWS - Ionic Developer

WowGive website

WowGive mobile app developer

Website, Admin dashboard, Email marketing system, Tweet Factory, Group Messaging

MyThomson & MyFirstChoice (TUI)

MyThomson, MyFirstChoice, TUI mobile app developer

Mobile apps for IOS & Android, API - Titanium Appcelerator, Node.js


Bovada, Tyche, Bodog online gaming software developer

High transaction responsive single-page app with the heavy lifting done by Angular.js. Processes thousands of bets every few seconds in busy periods, e.g. NFL Super Bowl

Select Caribbean

Selectcaribbean web developer

Bespoke website & property management admin system. Full design including logo from scratch. Built 2009 & modified slightly by others since. PHP & MySQL


Barsquib mobile apps developer

Mobile app for IOS & Android, website, API - Titanium Appcelerator, Node.js, MySQL


Responsive, semantic websites that work correctly across browsers and sized to suit all mobile, tablet and desktop screens.


Single Page - SPAs, Dashboards, User Interfaces: When you need an application to work via the web on all devices.


IOS & Android, Cross Platform


MVPs, POCs, Mockups - something to impress your clients, investors, or just prove it can be done.

...and leading a team to build it.

Agile Collaboration

Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Teamwork, Remote working

Experienced at leading a fast paced Agile environment, Scrum or Kanban, using standard tools such as Jira, Slack, Git, Hangout and whatever suits.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous integration and deployment with Jenkins, Grunt, Gulp, AWS

Constantly deploying using tools/tech like Gulp/Grunt, GoCD, Jenkins, Webpack, Browserify, Linux, AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean.

Extensive Testing - Production Ready

TDD, BDD, E2E, and Unit testing with Protractor, Jasmine

Aiming for 95% test coverage to reduce mitigate production issues, using TDD, E2E, Unit, Performance and Penetration testing.


Remote working saves costs

Engage directly, minimising costs.


Remote working is practical for both parties

No fuss, No middleman, No tie-ins. Just experience & skills on demand.


Remote working is more flexible for both parties

Instantly available on demand. Fixed rates/terms to suit.