Ionic Developer

Looking for an experienced Ionic Developer?

Hi, I'm an experienced mobile and full-stack developer working with the Ionic/Angular/Cordova frameworks..
When you need a production ready mobile app created quickly for both iPhone and Android - working with Ionic can provide the best solution.

The latest Ionic2 framework utilises the latest mobile techniques to allow me to quickly create complex or simple apps for the mobile environment. With Angular 2 as it's primary dependancy, the code produced, while at the cutting edge, is based on industry standard practices, ensuring maximum compatibility.

Mobile apps can be data rich, pulling informatiom from a variety of data sources including yuor own API's. The UI can be as simple or as complex as you require while complying with the latest in material design techniques as recommended by companies such as Google.

Apps are easily adapted and improved, and updates can be pushed through to the end-user in a matter of days.

When time is important to your business, consider using an experienced Ionic developer to create your mobile app for iPhone and Android platforms.

For an example of a mobile app created using the Ionic2 framework, please download the WowGive app for either iPhone or Android.